Dental Sealants in Belchertown

Oh, those sweet little smiles. You love them, and because you want your children's smiles to be as healthy as they can be, you make sure they take good care of their teeth. And while your kids may try so hard to brush every surface of each tooth, chances are they’re missing a spot or two. Those little hands may not yet have the dexterity to sufficiently manipulate a toothbrush. And they also may not have the patience necessary to really complete a good teeth cleaning.

What's a parent to do? Well, in addition to supervising their daily oral hygiene routine and helping out when necessary, you can count on Valley Dentists of Belchertown to help. We have some tricks up our sleeve that make keeping your children’s smiles happy and healthy a little bit easier.

One of those reliable tricks is dental sealants, which are invisible plastic coatings that we “paint” on your children's permanent molars to protect them from tooth decay. Your child’s back chewing teeth are more susceptible to cavities than their front biting teeth. Why? Because of all the grooves and pits in molars that are necessary to rip and tear food for easier swallowing and digestion. So, while these fissures are important, they can also easily harbor the food particles and bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

Dental Sealants Belchertown Kids Smile About

Applying dental sealants is a relatively short and easy procedure that does not require anesthesia, drilling or the removal of any tooth structure. First, we clean the tooth, dry it and surround it with cotton to keep saliva away from the surface on to which the sealant will be applied. To roughen the surface of the tooth, which enhances the ability of the sealant to adhere, a slightly abrading gel is briefly put on and removed. The tooth is rinsed, dried and fresh cotton is placed. Finally, the dental sealant is painted on and dried with a special curing light. After about one minute the sealant has hardened and is ready to protect your child’s tooth.

Dental sealants are made of either clear or white liquid plastic, so they can only be seen upon close inspection. You'll never have to worry about anyone noticing the sealants when your child speaks or smiles.

Sealants typically last for five to 10 years. To ensure their integrity, we'll check them at each dental cleaning and exam. If any are missing, then we can replace them. Dental sealants do not make brushing obsolete. To the contrary, sealants work together with brushing and fluoride toothpaste to help prevent tooth decay.

Dental Sealants from the Children's Dentist Belchertown Trusts

If you would like more information about dental sealants, or to schedule an appointment for one of your children to have a checkup with Dr. Medaugh, schedule an appointment. Call Valley Dentists of Belchertown today. Our office is located in Belchertown and also serves patients from Ware, Granby, Ludlow, Warren, Hardwick, Gilbertville, Hadley, Amherst, Palmer and all surrounding communities.